Small Road Roller

August 18, 2020
Small Road Roller (JMS08H)
    1. Static RollersWith mechanical transmission system and hydraulic power steering system, your whole roadway compactor is of steady performance.
      The frame-type guide wheel of your fixed roller has actually low gravity center, thus it's very stable.

The street rollers we create are popular for the compaction and filling of high-grade highways, railways, airport sidewalks, play grounds, etc. Our steam-roller is able to move and compact sandy, partial viscous and viscous earth, subgrade stabilized earth and asphalt tangible pavement.

Our business is an equipment manufacturer that is focused on the development and manufacture of all of the kinds of roadway building equipment. As a roadway roller maker and provider, we can offer roll compactors including single drum vibratory roller, dual drum vibratory roller, pneumatic tire roller and tiny roadway roller. Our little road rollers tend to be of varied designs and are rather suited to locations with limited area for their mobility.

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