06MAY 2017

Road Construction Equipment

Every profession requires some special skills and knowledge, but when it comes to the sphere of building and construction, special equipment is a must. Every remodeling contractor, every steel fixer, and crane man need such equipment to complete the project. Such profession as road builder is not the exception. What is more, there is a great variety of equipment used to build the road. Mainly, it is varied depending on the project. It can be used for the construction of a new road, re-carpeting or some other minor repairs. This article points out the most commonly used road construction equipment.

1. Road Grader

If you need to create a flat surface for asphalt, the road grader, also known as maintainer and motor grader, is a must. This vehicle has three axles. The cab along with the engine are placed above the rear one, two more are located at the back and the front of the machine.

2. Asphalt Mixing Plant

If you need to manufacture an asphalt concrete, you will need an asphalt mixing plant. Using right proportions, it combines everything needed for its manufacturing: mineral aggregates, sand, and a ?ller. Then the process of heating and mixing starts. Also, the machine keeps asphalt concrete heated, so it remains liquid.

3. Road Roller Machine

Right after the asphalt layers are made, you will need to use road roller machine to press them down. There are three main categories of roller machines. There are rubber tire rollers, double-drum asphalt rollers or combination rollers. Each of them created for the same purpose but for different mixtures used in road construction projects.

4. Digger Excavator

If you need to excavate earth or rocks, you will need a digger excavator, also known as crawler excavator. Actually, this machine can be used to perform a wide range of work.

5. Lift Truck

Initially created to move objects in factories, lift trucks, also known as fork table or forklift trucks, were modified to be used in road construction building. With the help of such machine, you can pick up various objects on or below the ground and raise them for the purpose of relocation.

6. Bucket Loader

With the help of this vehicle, you can move heavy materials from the ground without spreading it out, in order to load them onto a dump truck or into an open pit.

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