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October 31, 2019
Shantui road roller bearing

road rollers 3ed.jpgLiang Hekou hydropower place, positioned in Yajiang county of Szechwan province in southwest Asia, is certainly many dangerous earth and rockfill dam task worldwide within greatest altitudes using the complete downloaded capacity of three million kilowatt. On Nov 1, 2016, the dam’s core wall started the completing task, marking that primary construction associated with hydropower section begun building. Seven products of SANY road rollers have now been utilized for rolling the core wall, which won the recognition of buyer because steady performance and considerate solution.

SANY road roller endures the test of non-stop operation

Liang Hekou literally in Chinese means the juncture of two streams. And so the hydropower place is based 3.2 kilometers below the confluence of the Ya-lung River and Xianshui River. It is extremely hard to build a 295 meters high hydropower place amongst the steep high cliffs on height of nearly 3000 yards large with all the serious environment.

The full total dam’s stuffing amount is 43 million cubic meters that will be nearly the amount of six nationwide Stadiums in Beijing. Throughout the dam’s building, the 26 great deal roadway roller is responsible for the compaction regarding the core wall and 33 great deal the rockfill level. SANY roadway rollers need certainly to work 24/7 everyday without stop as a result of the huge work and brief construction duration.

“The work-hour for SANY’s roadway roller is all about 4000 per year which two times the work weighed against other projects. These road rollers almost work 24 hours each day run by double-shift employees, which require high standard overall performance when it comes to equipment’s high quality and stability.” SANY product sales guy Li Jiang in control of Liang Hekou project said.

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