Static Road Roller

October 23, 2021
6-8 Ton Three Wheel Static

1. Static Three Wheel Roller
Our fixed three wheel roller is a type of high quality fixed roller which you can use to small gravel, sand-macadam blend, crushed rock, sandy soil, stabilized earth, and bituminous concrete, etc. The compaction gear is thoroughly applied in building of road base training course and area training course construction of highway, municipal roadway, parking location, and manufacturing ground, plus.

2. Fixed Tandem Roller
Static tandem roller uses mechanical drive mode. It's relevant into the compaction of bituminous cement, and stabilized soil, etc. The combination fixed roller is the perfect compaction equipment in the roadway area construction of highway, municipal road, and industrial floor.

We have been a professional fixed roller producer and supplier in Asia and will create an array of static rollers to generally meet different requirements of customers. Also, we additionally offer vibratory road roller, crawler tractor, forklift vehicle, and other building machinery or farming equipment.
For more facts about our static roller or any other products, please click the particular product web page or call us directly. We sincerely wish that people can provide solutions for you.

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