Ammann Asphalt mixing plant

May 29, 2018
AMMANN Asphalt mixing plant

From standard designs to customised variations:
Ammann builds asphalt mixing flowers for virtually any marketplace need and just about any client necessity

Mobile phone and semi-mobile asphalt mixing flowers with couple of transport units are the favored option in regions with little to no infrastructure. Fixed high-performance plants, alternatively, are found in urban centers where they meet the asphalt needs of an entire area over decades.
Whichever solution you select: Ammann constantly places focus on supplying the most useful general answer that ensures flexible and affordable plant utilisation – reliably and throughout its entire lifespan. Over 3, 000 Ammann asphalt combining plants put in around the world offer corresponding evidence day in, outing.

All Ammann asphalt blending flowers have modern generation of main elements, all of which tend to be manufactured in Switzerland. They are the displays, mixers, filters, dryer drums and Oertli Induflame burners. (Ammann Group acquired the Oertli Induflame organization in 2005).

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