Asphalt mixing Plants

June 23, 2018
Asphalt Mixing Plants

Cover imageWe present the outcomes of a report on procedure energy use of two asphalt-mixing flowers. The production process involves the mixing of granite aggregates and bitumen to offer asphalt mixtures. The mixtures tend to be widely used as a road-paving product. A sizable area of the procedure power use is for drying out and warming the aggregates. Statistical analyses using historical energy-consumption data show a top correlation between certain power demands and rain amount. Field sampling and laboratory investigations suggest that aggregate dampness content and rain level tend to be closely related which aggregate moisture content is a vital determinant of process-energy needs. Actions for keeping a minimal aggregate moisture degree, such as separating aggregate stockpiles from rainfall, offer great possibility power savings. We current quotes of the savings, establish process-energy flows, and compare the activities regarding the two plants.

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