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November 23, 2015
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Asphalt Mixing PlantThank you for checking out our internet site.
YTO is a specialist asphalt mixing plant manufacturer in Asia, which has acquired ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001 certifications. The offered asphalt mixing plant models tend to be RD60, RD90, RD105, RD125, RD175, RD200, RD240 and RD320.

1. The burner of our asphalt blending plant is highly efficient and energy conserving. It may save 5.3kg fuel whenever one ton of asphalt combination is combined.
2. The elevator is designed with double chain construction and is characterized by smooth-running and long service life.

3. With the help of high accuracy weighing sensor, the calculating system plus the weighing system can guarantee the high precision asphalt offering. The asphalt supplying difference is not significantly more than 0.3percent.
4. The scale board inside the asphalt mixer is made from wear resistant alloy product. This helps prolong the solution life of the asphalt blending plant.
5. The dirt removal system contains gravity dust obtaining system and case dust obtaining system. The dirt is divided by the two systems into dense whole grain whoever diameter is certainly not significantly less than 0.074mm and fine-grain whoever thickness is not as much as 0.074mm. Then your grains are individually weighted and conveyed into the mixer, making the dirt adding percentage more clinical and much more reasonable. The dust discharging concentration is gloomier than 20mg/m3. The filter case will get two step temperature security and self cleaning function.
6. The operation system makes use of complete automatic control mode, so it's simple in operation and dependable in overall performance.
7. The special oil home heating as well as heat conservation system is highly efficient and energy conserving. The heater can begin and shut down immediately.
8. The control system of heat transmitting fuel stove may start preventing automatically in line with the instruction of a timer.
9. The maximum production of our asphalt blending plant is 320t/h. The weighing huge difference is within 0.25per cent or 0.5%.
For lots more parameters about our asphalt blending plant, kindly relate to the PDF file.

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