Pneumatic tyred rollers

September 23, 2021
Pneumatic tyred rollers

[kw]Operating fat

BW 11 RH-5172755.4 Kubota5000 - 9000

Areas of application: Compaction of asphalt use programs, asphalt binder classes and asphalt surface levels along with compaction of natural grounds and materials stabilized with lime or cement. Because of the exemplary kneading impact pneumatic tired rollers achieve an excellent sealing for the surface. The present day hydrostatic drive concept enables a particularly delicate drive control of the roller in three speed amounts.


ROPS/FOPS with security gear * ROPS-cabin with heating * ROPS cabin with air cooling * Special artwork Additional weight

7t Grossweight 9t Grossweight

Radio Scrapers Backup warning buzzer with broadband technology Stress sprinkler system Indicator and risk lights

* Standard distribution with CE conformity (valid within eu)


Hour meter Warning horn Control interface for

Motor oil force Engine heat Air filter cleaner DPF-filling Hydraulic oil filter Coolant degree fuel container ability

Lockable anti vandal dashboard protection Operator's system with:

Tyre and travel lever Driver's seat, slewable

Back-up security

Service Kits

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BOMAG Spare Parts

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