Construction Machinery names

May 15, 2019
Construction machinery names

For Automotive and Construction Machinery Industries

For Automotive and Construction Machinery Industries

Eagle Industry materials safety- and environmental conservation-oriented high-performance, top-quality seal services and products and mechatronics services and products for functionally important modules found in cars, motorbikes and building machineries.

About seal items, Eagle Industry started production of water pump technical seals in 1957, mechanical seals for car air-conditioning compressors in 1959, and lip seals for car air-conditioning compressors in 1985. These products, manufactured by integrated manufacturing systems addressing all procedures from product development to manufacture, being highly regarded regarding both performance and high quality.

About mechatronics items, Eagle business has actually acquired considerable technical expertise through the research and growth of seal technology, the Company's core technology. Because the 1970s, making ideal use of that expertise, we have created and mass-produced ever-evolving automotive useful components, like mechatronics services and products (solenoid valves etc.), actuators and valves. Eagle business consistently provides optimally designed mechanical items to fulfill the newest application and useful needs regarding the times.

Our basic manufacturing maxims is to carry out manufacturing at optimum place. In reaction to the clients' company development overseas, we've taken necessary measures earnestly. Additionally, we've founded our production websites and sales offices in various parts of the world, including Asia and Europe, to provide our services and products stably.


Goods manufactured by Eagle Industry are utilized in automobiles across the world, from light vehicles to large trucks, to avoid environmental air pollution and improve vehicle gasoline efficiency.

Principal Products
  • Technical seals for water pump
  • Lip seals and control valves for A/C compressors
  • Actuators and different valves for turbo systems
  • Solenoid valves for ATs/CVTs
  • Different valves and metal pulsation dampers for gasoline methods and steel pulsation dampers
  • Accumulators for various hydraulic routes
  • Goods for next-generation automobiles

MotorcyclesAnd much more


Engle business's various types of products created designed for motorcycles have been appreciated extremely with their overall performance in preventing air pollution and enhancing traveler comfort.

  • Reed valves for exhaust emission control
  • Various solenoid valves for air intake- and exhaust-related systems
  • Suspension accumulators
  • Technical seals for water pumps

And more

Building Machineries

In construction machineries like hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders, Eagle business's floating seals tend to be adopted to stop the ingress of dust and sand into undercarriage gear, and accumulators as an important device for hydraulic routes to regulate big forces.

  • Floating seals for undercarriages
  • Travel damper accumulators (for vibration/shock absorption)
  • Different (pressure) accumulators for braking system and pilot supply hydraulic routes
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