Concrete Paving Machine

July 19, 2017
GOMACO, Manufacturer of
PRIME MOVER (with Needle Dildo) 10HP 1440-RPM for fix Console.
20HP 1440-RPM for under carriage.
PRIME MOVER (without Needle Dildo) 10HP 1440-RPM for fix system.
10HP 1440-RPM for less than carriage.
Fix Console This Hydraulic console manages the forward and reverse activity associated with the under carriage and also the travel bogie in the form of hydraulic motors.
Under Carriage/Finisher Assembly Under-carriage accommodates the most critical the different parts of the device. It encompasses the vibratory finishing drum, Needle vibrators, Spreader Auger.
The Under Carriage travels with a rate 30 mtrs/min.
Vibratory Finishing Drum The finishing drum is 4 legs long and 10.7 inches (272 mm) in diameter. It rotates at a speed of 195 rpm. The finishing drum vibrates at 1500vpm.This Drum is specifically stabilize by using computerized balancing system to obtain quality finish.
Spreader Auger The Auger is welded with hard faced welding to get optimum life. The auger was created to work in the direction of travel action of device.
Angular Needle Vibrators (Optional) Minnch-USA tends to make angular needle vibrators with 10, 500 vpm. These double vibrators are made with an angular angle inside reverse instructions. These vibrators operate alternatively by penetrating into the concrete depth using direction of angle across the movement regarding the under carriage.
Hydraulic Oil Capacities Repair console: 110 liters
Under carriage: 140 liters.
Traction Program Traction Drive : Two hydraulically driven flanged rims bogie. Traction Speed: as much as 52 feet/min (15.86 mtrs/min).

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