Unusual shimmer

June 20, 2021
02 Batch plant HORPRE 02 Batch

Many of us have come across the asphalting process, which occurs with a large number of machines and equipment.Have you noticed then, on the fresh asphalt, small sparkles from its components?The same delicate and beautiful shimmer can be achieved in your makeup, interior design or printing with using glitter in bulk.

Glitter is a sequins of various shapes and sizes that is used in face, body and manicure. The product can be dry or liquid. Glitters are made by shredding reflective polyester filmThey are non-toxic and have no time limit for their use. Due to the fact that glitters do not dissolve and do not deteriorate from any materials, they can be mixed with any base. Glitters are used to make festive decor and souvenirs: Christmas tree decorations and postcards, photo frames, soap and candles, fresh and artificial flowers, as well as in cosmetics for evening make-up, body shine and tattoo or for stunning manicure.

Image by WOLKE108 from Pixabay

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