Batch Plants

December 25, 2017
02 Batch plant HORPRE 02 Batch

Our batch plants are totally customizable and meet the greatest engineering requirements. We lead a in fast set up and production times.

EZ Modular Plants

Our EZ Modular Plants tend to be small but heavy weight. These plants tend to be ideal for companies seeking to produce 150 yards of concrete per hour.

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Big EZ Modular Flowers

Big EZ Modular Plants tend to be perfect for people who wish the fast set-up time and durability of our EZ Modular herbs, but need a bigger framework and faster production time.

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Standard Flowers

MERTS’ Standard Plant is an inexpensive, component-style plant developed to our exacting criteria. It really is a great starter plant for those simply entering the tangible manufacturing company.

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De-Cumulative Plants

Our de-cumulative flowers are designed for companies that work on smaller tasks such as for example pools, septic tanks as well as other tangible items that need no storage.

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Block & Paver Plants

For organizations that create maintaining wall space, patio pavers, concrete obstructs and much more on a large scale, our block flowers provide fast mold modifications and durable design.

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