Compaction rollers

October 7, 2020
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Dynapac's number of little and medium-size vibratory rollers are acclimatized to compact various types of earth with the exception of rockfill. The rollers tend to be ideal for many kinds of road construction, airfields, dam building, harbour tasks and manufacturing buildings. Heavy-size vibratory rollers can be used for a very wide range of applications. The width and quality regarding the drum's metal are adjusted for compacting rockfill, although vibratory rollers will also be known for their excellent performance on other kinds of fill. An unique variation with a padfoot drum (PD) is available for compacting cohesive grounds.

Double drum vibratory rollers

Dynapac's double drum asphalt roller range functions sets from probably the most small equipment for fix tasks to huge devices for biggest websites. Vibration dampened systems, swivel seats for much better presence, logically sorted settings and roll-over Protective Structures (ROPS) all subscribe to the maneuverability, operator ergonomics and safety.


The combi-versions are equipped with four plastic tyres at the rear rather than a drum. The rubberized tires are driven in pairs by separate propulsion motors, thus minimising the possibility of damaging recently laid asphalt substance when coming up with razor-sharp turns. The rubberized tires guaranteed a denser and smoother surface regarding the asphalt, an element that is often required.

Metal drum rollers

The Dynapac CS1400 is a modern, articulated fixed threedrum roller with the same static linear load and drum diameter on all drums. The roller addresses the asphalt mat along with its complete width. The Dynapac CS1400 is employed mainly to compact asphalt as soon as the course has actually a normal width as high as 50 mm, with respect to the tightness of the asphalt ingredient together with prevailing weather conditions. The equipment is suitable for medium-size and large-size programs. It really is well suited for use within areas where the bottom shouldn't be vibrated, such as in areas near old buildings and on bridges.


Dynapac has a complete selection of pneumatic tyred rollers. All have actually standard functions providing high performance, ease of use and flexibility. The CP142 has actually a special Modular Ballast program comprising sealed ballast containers to permit exact artistic control over wheel lots. The roller is employed to compact asphalt for closing reasons. It is also used to compact base, sub-base and stabilized soil. CP2100 and CP2700 are used mainly along with other asphalt rollers for area sealing. Because of their heavy-weight, also they are employed for soil compaction.

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