Single Drum Compactors

April 4, 2019
Construction vehicles + mobile

The RC50 solitary drum earth compactor offers maximum compaction outcomes with exceptional maneuverability, gradeability and security. The small design provides for a great view regarding the workshop and drum from the operator’s seat. The roomy operator platform is separated from vibration for comfortable operation. It features lots of legroom and simple procedure via an intuitively designed display and joystick. The RC soil compactors are well suited for commercial and residential jobs, secondary roads and parking lots.

  • Three-point articulated pendulum combined offers up uniform body weight circulation and constant compaction, even if navigating curves and unequal floor problems
  • Back tires are driven by independent engines resulting in excellent ground approval
  • Fast and simple maintenance along with access things situated on one side of the device
  • Exceptional grip in a variety of circumstances, enhancing output and security
  • Models provided with both smooth drum for compaction of granular materials or padfoot drum for efficient compaction of cohesive grounds particularly clay
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