Types of Road construction

February 8, 2018
How Do You Build a Road?

Parkland County has four programs to repair the roadways. The County is in charge of all Township and Range roadways and subdivision roads but not numbered highways.

Path Construction

When a roadway should be totally repaired, it's going to be reconstructed. The complete area is removed and replaced. Sometimes the trail will likely be widened also safety precautions included.

Path Construction Before

Road building After

Asphalt Surfacing

Asphalt surfacing is employed if the root of the roadway is in good condition and just the outer lining should be replaced. This work removes the old asphalt and locations brand-new asphalt on your way.

Seal coating surfacing

Also referred to as "chip sealing", seal finish is employed on roads which can be currently paved and never have lots of traffic. A thin level of hot asphalt used, then covered in fine gravel in addition to extra gravel is swept away. The seal layer helps make the roadway rougher which gives more skid resistance.

Subdivision Preservation

Many residential roads had been in the beginning built by designers and turned over on County. When these roadways are in need of fix, the County uses among methods in the list above to repair the street.

Seal coat in progress

Source: www.parklandcounty.com
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