Dynapac soil Compactors

July 31, 2017
Dynapac soil compactors

Atlas Copco Road Construction gear is introducing a number of mid-size Dynapac earth compactors, the CA2500 - CA3500.

Atlas Copco Road Construction Equipment happens to be presenting a variety of mid-size Dynapac earth compactors, the CA2500 - CA3500. These machines integrate “Efficiency Eccentrics”, a patented system of optimized eccentric elements, and so are built with Stage IV/T4 Final motors with ECO Mode. In combo these features provide a substantial cost savings in energy and gasoline, while decreasing the impact of device procedure from the environment.

Atlas Copco Dynapac Soil Compaction Eccentric elements

An educative animation that presents Dynapac Eccentric elements, its benefits and exactly how it works.

The Dynapac CA2500 - CA3500 have got all the enhanced functions of Atlas Copco's 5th generation of Dynapac CA single drum vibratory rollers, but with an integral distinction. The CA2500 - CA3500 models are equipped with “Efficiency Eccentrics”.

Same high end, lower running prices

Atlas Copco could be the very first to introduce the “Efficiency Eccentrics” system into market. Within the brand new soil compactors the system of eccentric elements has been optimized by going the extra weight off to the right region of the axle, to ensure that less weight counteracts the movement at start-up.
The effect is impressive. Nearly 11 kW less power is needed to initiate the vibratory activity, reducing energy usage at start-up by 50per cent and so making use of less gas. This reduced energy necessity has also managed to make it possible to cut back engine sizes but still provide the exact same compaction overall performance as devices designed with better machines.
The machines into the CA2500 and CA3500 have actually outputs of 89 kW and 97 kW, respectively, and integrate the newest emission reduction technology, complying aided by the laws in European countries and North America for Stage IV/T4 Final motors.

ECO Mode gives to 15percent lower gas consumption

The Stage IV/T4 Final machines have the Dynapac ECO Mode gas saving system that reduces fuel usage and CO2 emissions by making sure the roller does not digest much more energy than required whenever you want. Thus giving as much as 15% less gasoline usage and a lower life expectancy sound degree.
Collectively, enhanced engines with similar compaction overall performance coupled with ECO Mode offer significant savings in energy and running costs, while causing a “greener” earth compactor and lasting efficiency.

Exact same enhanced functions

Like various other fifth generation mid-size machines the Dynapac CA2500 and CA3500 function cross-mounted machines, Active Bouncing Control (ABC), and higher level compaction monitoring. Severely operator friendly, they feature unparalleled simple procedure, exceptional maneuverability and highest quality soil compaction.

Source: www.atlascopco.us
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