Compaction machine

April 16, 2017
Roller Compaction Machine

Research and development into compaction technology specializes in enhancing the power of devices, generating user and eco-friendly designs and extending the range of applications on location. These improvements, that are element of a continuing procedure, operate parallel if you use electronic measuring and computing technologies and of micro-processor settings. Thus the introduction of automatic measuring and documentation methods as well as EDP and GPS supported machine controls is an important change and milestone.

These machine incorporated methods supply automatic control of compaction and optimization of good use, plus exterior high quality assurance. With the compaction equipment as a "measuring and examination unit" therefore the machine parameters for process-control is vital for large area construction, because with one of these techniques uniform high quality can be achieved while the dependability associated with high quality assurance improved, in conformity because of the building requirements.


Mechanical compaction with vibratory gear has now reached a higher level of development. It's matured into a financial and officially indispensable technology, utilized all over the world for the building of steady and deformation-resistant highways, earthworks, roadway and dam construction, basis work with civil engineering, sealing levels and landfill websites. These projects tend to be described as increasing laying capacities, high demand for economic climate and high-quality specs. Compaction equipment must certanly be effective, efficient, universally functional and ensure area quality by way of real time work incorporated assessment.

BOMAG has very long recognized these needs and development objectives. Compaction procedures with vibratory rollers had been explored intensively when you look at the nineteen eighties. The relationship between the motion of this roller drum as well as the tightness of product has also been exploited following this programme of work.

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