Pavement milling machine

March 28, 2017
Milling from the high pitch of a water reservoir.

Functional, efficient range of applications

Several types of milling drums – including the ECO cutter or good milling drum – enable a wide variety of milling businesses in asphalt rehabilitation. Additionally, cold milling devices could be designed with unique functions making them suited to functions in concrete or stone. Examples of use within rock businesses consist of levelling fundamentals, lowering track bedrooms or lowering tunnel floors. Various other special improvements enable the machines to be used for milling the steep slopes of artificial lakes, canals or managing reservoirs at slope sides as high as 35 degrees. Cold milling machines are often also used to cut slots and grooves or produce trenches in pipeline construction. In a nutshell: our devices provide a huge range of programs.

Milling on high slope of a water reservoir.

Milling procedure in a building with low ceiling-height and a floor of limited bearing capability.

Milling procedure in a building with reduced ceiling height and a floor of minimal bearing ability.

Getting rid of area deformations by way of good milling.

Milling off a concrete area on company premises.

Removing road markings.

Accurate milling around roadway accessories without the need for extra manual reworking.

Milling off the area of a cinder baseball pitch.

Cool milling devices meeting particular market needs

Each marketplace is special because this has its own, very certain requirements. To serve these needs with personalized products and solutions, WIRTGEN offers a comprehensive selection of items: the portfolio of cool milling machines includes numerous models which totally meet the numerous market-specific requirements.eliminating area deformations through fine milling. And WIRTGEN’s advanced level of customer-driven engineering expertise ensures innovations in line with marketplace demands.

The W 200 Hi with hydraulically movable milling drum is selling specially well in Japan.

The 3.8-m broad milling drum product caters to the large road widths typical for United States Of America.

Using laser or 3D control inside milling process complies with the high standards that are appropriate in Western European countries.

Really effective in Asia: the tried-and-tested W 35 DC and W 2000 designs

The W 50 H and W 100 H happen redesigned from ground around cater to the requirements of countries across Asia.

Milling off a concrete surface on organization premises.WIRTGEN realizes economically viable, cutting-edge solutions catering not only to roadway widths, optimum transportation weights or optimum emission amounts permissible under relevant legislation but additionally to local climates and infrastructure.

In Japan, like, road lanes regularly must be milled down flush to kerb on both edges without the cold milling machine performing any turning manoeuvres. The W 200 Hello could be the ideal option for this work since it offers two zero-clearance edges. Furthermore, the W 200 Hi functions advanced motor technology to conform to the strict requirements of emission standard United States Tier 4f relevant in Japan.

Ecological friendly machine technology

WIRTGEN is extremely strongly dedicated to definitely safeguarding the environment and all-natural resources. Reclaimed asphalt pavement is a very important recycling product this is certainly fully used again inside production of asphalt blends. Big milling devices featuring the Dual Engine Concept enable the second motor is turned off in accordance with job demands to save lots of gasoline and lower exhaust emissions. Naturally our fuel-efficient diesel motors conform to current worldwide exhaust emission criteria. The WIDRIVE device administration system, which relieves the operator of a significant section of their workload, provides many automated functions to make sure a fuel-efficient and low-emission milling process.

Removing road markings. Precise milling around road fixtures with no need for extra handbook reworking. Milling off the area of a cinder baseball pitch. The W 200 Hi with hydraulically movable milling drum is selling specially well in Japan.
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