CAT milling machine

May 30, 2016

Highly able with optional enhancements to boost output.

High Manueverability

Advanced steering with four steering modes supply excellent manueverability for maximum prodcution and precision even yet in tight spaces.

Grade Control Flexibility

The machine provides numerous installing points for sensors, and optional Cat level Control this is certainly integrated aided by the machine, supplying the ultimate in accuracy and control.

Cat Diamond Bits Option

Cat Diamond Bits last around 80 times more than main-stream carbide cutting bits to offer better manufacturing, around 15% reduced gasoline usage and less wear in the machine.

Reliable Powertrain

A strong Cat C18 ACERT engine provides 470 kW (630 hp) to a powerful propel system with a diagonal mix flow design that provides excellent grip. The pumps drive opposing track engines, front to back and laterally, so that the machine features power across the center of gravity of this device. In severe circumstances, automated traction control minimizes slippage by providing more capacity to paths that grip.

Automatic Burden Control

Automatic Load Control improves machine efficiency while milling. An electric control module (ECM) continually evaluates engine rpm and controls propel speed as required to keep maximum performance for optimum production.

Running Conveyor

The loading conveyor provides 60 examples of move off to the right or remaining of center to enhance and streamline vehicle running. A "boost" feature can briefly expand the throwing length, ensuring balanced running associated with product when you look at the vehicle.

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