Sheeps Foot

January 27, 2017
Bomag BW124-PDH-3 Sheeps Foot

The key reason for a sheepsfoot knife is for cutting and slicing while reducing the likelihood of any such thing accidentally being pierced because of the point

Benefits of the Sheepsfoot
  • Well suited to providing on a clean cut while slicing
  • Really controllable
  • No point exists (avoids accidental stabbing)
Disadvantages of this Sheepsfoot

Sheepsfoot Blade Images

Oftentimes, you prefer a knife that's perfect for slicing or cutting without worrying all about controlling the point. All things considered, an accidental stabbing makes for a poor time, and you may prevent one using a sheepsfoot blade.

The primary function of a sheepsfoot blade is for cutting and slicing while reducing the chances of everything unintentionally being pierced because of the point. The design of a sheepsfoot knife includes a straight edged front knife and a dull back spine that curves down seriously to meet up with the straight edge. Both blades satisfy during the tip to create a "false point." The unique level cutting edge is well-suited to providing you a supremely clean cut, specially on level cutting areas.

Sheepsfoot knives are preferred among crisis responders whom use them to reduce seatbelts as well as other restraints without hurting the sufferer with a sharp point. The will also be well-known among sailors who utilize them to properly slice rigging without risk of piercing the sails.

Japan santoku cooking area knife in addition uses this blade form whilst intends for slicing food without a point getting back in the way. Since you can take the unsharpened back knife together with your hands, a santoku provides a fantastic level of control over accurate slices just like the julienne or brunoise.

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