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August 16, 2017
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The origins associated with the company: With a truck transportation orders were finished.

Pioneering nature – The sixties

The initial measures are always the most difficult, but after a couple of very early successes, the committed pioneer quickly had a reliable staff he could be determined by. Their ten workers excitedly supported him and shared his visions: outstanding machines, innovative technologies, premium services in road building. His clients placed their particular rely upon him and Wirtgen started to pave the way along its roadway to success.

The beginnings of this company: With a truck transport instructions were finished.

1968: Reinhard Wirtgen’s first workshop in Windhagen.

1965 – together with his company-developed tangible breaker Reinhard Wirtgen works as sub-contractor for road building companies.

  • Establishment of WIRTGEN GmbH as something provider
  • Usage of company-developed cement breaking device in road construction

1968: Reinhard Wirtgen’s very first workshop in Windhagen.Revolution on the road – The 1970s

What followed after that were preliminary successes with a concrete breaking machine, some determined tinkering and a never-ending research brand-new solutions. The first 1970s saw the introduction of "a modern-day beast before which also stone crumbles", as a headline in the daily hit read: the road milling machine was born. Milling was introduced as a typical process in tender invitations and had been quickly an acknowledged method in road rehabilitation, also.

Following regarding pumps of hot milling devices, cool milling machines emerged as after that stage of development inside late 1970s – devices that could for the first time mill asphalt without pre-heating it. But the president regarding the company was still definately not pleased. He had been seeking ways to rehabilitate entire area classes. His concept would be to recycle the wrecked pavement immediately and on the job website. Hot recycling – and later cool recycling – caused a stir on the market. This cutting-edge, green procedure allowed roadway construction businesses to use extremely cost-efficiently.

1965 – initial concrete breaker

1970 – beginning associated with the hot milling machine

1975 - the street to popularity of hot recycling

1976 – Passing the mark of 100 machines

1979 – Quantum jump to cold milling

WIRTGEN technologies were in great need – in Germany and beyond. It had been at this time that the small-to-medium-sized company started initially to internationalize its operations, developing its subsidiaries in Europe. Overseas operations became commonplace for Wirtgen machines – be it in america, Brazil, China or Asia.

1970 – Birth regarding the hot milling machine 1975 - the street to success with hot recycling 1976 – driving the mark of 100 machines 1979 – Quantum leap to cool milling
Source: www.wirtgen.de
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