Road Compactor

November 10, 2017
Vibratory road compactor

Maintain the VMT 160-90 road roller effective for extended, we’ve designed that it is easily serviceable and extremely durable. This means comfortable motorist appears with exceedingly low vibration amounts, front-to-rear-frame oscillation for stability, oil splash lubricated vibration bearings, class-leading solution access (including a lightweight bonnet), maintenance-free center bones, and exceptional hose and piping security.

There’s additionally spring-applied, hydraulically released parking brakes and spring-loaded, adjustable vulcolan scrapers for each drum. What’s more, to ensure every VMT 160-90 road roller is preparing to move with regards to simply leaves the factory, we bench test every individual machine as part of a rigorous test-run.

Assure maximum efficiency, we’ve created the VMT 160-90 roadway roller for ultimate overall performance. That’s why it comes designed with concentric machined drum surfaces, a pressurized, filtered liquid spray system, the largest fuel tank in the market, and automatic vibration control with manual override.

Not just that, but this roller features single-piece circular eccentric shafts for powerful and toughness, increased vibration frequency for quickly moving speeds, and a higher curb and side clearance. Hydrostatic front side and rear drum propulsion makes the VMT 160-90 roadway roller more effective. There’s also switchable drum vibration; select dual, single front or single rear designs. The design is also much more versatile through its recommended 2.6 in (65 mm) drum offset.

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