Bobcat milling Attachments

January 13, 2016
Forestry Cutter Attachment

Bobcat T870 compact track loader with grader accessory and 3D prepared system.Grade surfaces with precision and control while maximizing efficiency using grader accessory.

The Bobcat® grader accessory excels at superior grading. Even delicate jobs could be completed with effective precision. The grader accessory has a blade that moves six or eight various ways to grade any surface. While the bolster oscillates to reduce the consequence of uneven floor, delivering constant grading overall performance in a variety of surroundings.

Achieve a frequent level effortlessly and switch your Bobcat loader into a high-performance grading machine using grader accessory.

How It Functions

Hydraulic cylinders on their own adjust each side of the moldboard, angle the moldboard and, on larger designs, side shift the moldboard. Tires regarding bolster provide exemplary flotation to keep the grader going smoothly within the workshop.

Smoother operation and faster result of the grader are attained when paired with the laser control system. Utilizing the laser system, the farther the blade is from grade, the more rapidly it will probably go on to grade.

For your most complex design jobs, look at the 3D prepared system. Utilizing GPS technology or UTS, the system has the ability to precisely and effectively full complex styles with precision of 3-5 millimeters.

3D Eager System

Increase your capabilities and increase your efficiency with all the industry’s very first 3D prepared system for small equipment. Making use of the plug-and-play system, you’ll save time, fuel, and money with millimeter accuracy. Utilizing GPS or UTS, the system has the ability to finish complex design jobs including parking lots, activities areas and roadway work.

Choose from a satellite option for outside programs and a universal total station option for interior applications. After you load a computer-generated model towards loader’s control box, the device instantly grades the floor with remarkable precision. For your needs, this implies moving soil to the right place faster and having the work done faster.

Utilizing the 3D ready system, you'll deliver your working environment and jobsite together. To set it up, simply load a software-generated design file into CB450 control package. Your loader will require proper care of the rest. Job development could be administered from workplace utilizing the associated Site computer software. In addition gives you the capability to make revisions towards designs, wirelessly loading the brand new model file to your loader in the jobsite in real time.

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