Roller vehicle

May 4, 2022
Pressure roller vehicle is a

§2063. Bikes, roller skis, model cars and scooters

1. Definitions. For the intended purpose of this section, "bicycle" includes a motorized bike, a motorized tricycle or a motorized scooter.

[ 2007, c. 400, §2 (AMD) .]

2. Operating off to the right. A person operating a bicycle or roller skis upon a roadway at a speed under the standard rate of traffic transferring the same path at that time and place shall are powered by the proper portion of the way as far as practicable except when it's unsafe to take action as dependant on the bicyclist or roller skier or:

A. When overtaking and passing another roller skier, bike or any other vehicle continuing in identical course; [2009, c. 484, §5 (AMD).]

B. While Preparing for or making a remaining change at an intersection or into an exclusive road or driveway; [2007, c. 400, §3 (NEW).]

C. Whenever continuing straight in a place where correct turns tend to be permitted; and [2007, c. 400, §3 (NEW).]

D. When necessary in order to avoid dangerous conditions, including, but not restricted to, fixed or moving objects, automobiles, bikes, roller skiers, pedestrians, creatures, damaged pavement, glass, sand, puddles, ice, area hazards or starting doorways from parallel-parked vehicles, or a lane of substandard circumference that makes it unsafe to carry on along the right percentage of the way in which. For reasons of the paragraph, "lane of substandard circumference" means a lane which also thin for a bicycle or roller skier and a vehicle traveling properly alongside in the lane. [2009, c. 484, §5 (AMD).]

This subsection does not apply in a municipality that, by regulation authorized because of the Department of Public protection in addition to division of transport, makes various other provisions in connection with running area of a bike or roller skier on a roadway.

[ 2013, c. 241, §4 (AMD) .]

2-A. Bicycle or roller skier taking a trip on neck. Notwithstanding subsection 2, an individual running a bicycle or roller skis may travel on paved arms.

[ 2009, c. 484, §5 (AMD) .]

3. Seating. A person running a bike cannot ride aside from upon or astride a consistent and completely attached seat.

[ 2007, c. 400, §4 (AMD) .]

3-A. Few people. a bike might not be always carry more individuals as compared to quantity that its created and equipped.

[ 2003, c. 452, Pt. Q, §43 (unique); 2003, c. 452, Pt. X, §2 (AFF) .]

4. Hitching trips. Someone driving on roller skis, a bicycle or a scooter may not connect it to a going car on a way.

5. Rights and tasks. Someone riding a bicycle or scooter or running roller skis on a way has got the liberties and is susceptible to the obligations relevant toward operator of an automobile, except as to:

A. Special laws; and [2001, c. 667, Pt. C, §17 (RPR).]

B. Conditions in this Title that by their nature have no application. [2001, c. 667, Pt. C, §17 (RPR).]

6. Speed. A motorized bicycle or motorized scooter might not be run in excess of 20 kilometers per hour.

[ 2001, c. 667, Pt. C, §17 (RPR) .]

7. Penalties. Someone 17 years of age or over which violates subsection 2, 3, 3-A, 4, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 13 commits a traffic infraction for which a superb of for around $25 and not significantly more than $250 is adjudged. You under 17 years old is not at the mercy of a superb under this area.

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