Trucks, Construction

April 18, 2022
Dump trucks, Construction

Freightliner®severe-duty building vehicles are made with a consider toughness and performance, and so the hardest jobs are carried out with security and economic climate by a low-maintenance, dependable vehicle that enhances bottom lines for organizations. Workplace protection is enhanced by ergonomic manages, larger home open positions, lower entry heights and extended steps for simpler entry and exit. Easy to get at elements, including transmissions and see-through substance reservoirs for fast daily inspections, ensure that service activities are fast and simple.

Construction-industry experts understand the worth of a durable, adaptable, low-maintenance construction vehicle that can undertake any task. Freightliner is focused on designing and building an excellent building truck that fits customers’ requirements. Learn more about customized Freightliner®construction-truck options and discover exactly how tough-as-nails trucks can boost the bar with regards to severe-duty construction overall performance.

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