Cat Asphalt Pavers

March 5, 2019
Asphalt Pavers

ACERT tech incorporates a series of innovations working at the point of burning to optimize engine overall performance while meeting U.S. EPA Tier 3 motor emission laws.

Cat C7 System with ACERT Technology

The C7 motor provides a full-rated gross energy (SAE J1995) of 167 kW (224 hp) at 2200 rpm with a torque of 872 N-m. The blend of huge displacement and high torque permit the AP-1000D to do under the toughest circumstances.

HEUI Gasoline Injection

The HEUI™ gasoline system is unique and combines the technical development of an electric control system utilizing the user friendliness of HEUI gas injection. The HEUI gas system excels with its ability to control shot pressure within the whole motor running rate range. These features enable the C7 engine to possess complete control of injection timing, duration and pressure.

Multiple Injection Gas Delivery

Numerous shot fuel distribution involves a higher amount of precision. Specifically shaping the combustion period lowers combustion chamber conditions, which makes less emissions, optimizes gas burning and translates into more work output for your gasoline cost.

Tall Cylinder Pressures

High cylinder pressures coupled with securely controlled tolerances advertise exceedingly efficient fuel burn, less blow-by and lower emissions.

C7 Cylinder Block

The C7 engine’s cylinder block offers increased tensile power. It features improved sealing with gaskets to ensure less leakages. This brand-new design aids the engine’s greater compression ratios and increases its energy density. The incorporation of straight-thread “O” ring connection points reduce the reduced motor oil and fluids.

Sound Reduction Functions

The C7 engine noise decrease features include composite device addresses with a completely separated base, a steel oil pan and a cast iron front cover. The HEUI™ fuel systems rate-shaping technology additionally provides control of sound and vibration levels.

Provider, Maintenance and Fix

Quicker solution, upkeep and repair is accomplished by keeping track of key functions and logging crucial signs. Advanced digital diagnostic abilities are possible making use of pet Electronic Technician.

Turbocharged and Air-To-Air Aftercooling (ATAAC)

The turbocharged air-to-air aftercooling system provides large horse power with increased response time while keeping exhaust conditions reduced for very long hours of constant operation. Air-to-air aftercooling keeps air-intake temperatures down, maximizing fuel effectiveness and reducing emissions.

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