Road Repair Equipment

September 26, 2022
Road Repair Equipment by

"Our spot staff will have to over and over repeatedly maintain potholes and alligatored places. Now we 'Zip' the region and correct it right, for good."

– Bryan Bjorgaard, Past Public Works Coordinator, City of Alexandria, MN

"with all the Zipper we have increased our manufacturing 400 per cent. We I did so one to two spots a day. Now we do seven or eight with the exact same budget and crew."

– Tom Steinberger, Arizona DOT

"The old way we might spend around $60, 000 patching one roadway. Today i could do the same roadway for , 000 plus it arrives smoother."

– Larry Guthrie, Jackson County, GA

"We I did so 2 patches per day performing dig outs, now we can do 12 to 15 using Zipper and it's really easier."

– Russ Harvey, San Juan County, WA

Eliminate potholes alongside roadway and street issues rather than just address all of them up. A pothole is frequently a reflection of insufficient or deteriorated base. However, many asphalt patching and pothole restoration methods simply fill out the potholes, secure the splits or cover with an overlay. These temporary fixes never ever address the basic base problem, therefore it is just a matter of time before potholing will probably reappear. Asphalt Zipper® machines help to improve the bottom by pulverizing potholes and surrounding areas into reusable product that's mixed into the underlying base to simply help improve stability. Now an asphalt plot or pothole repair can outlast all of those other roadway making the simple to make use of Asphalt Zipper accessory the greatest asphalt patching and pothole restoration machine. Additionally see Full-Depth Reclamation.

You'll waste your time and effort and sources performing temporary pothole repairs again and again . . .

Insufficient or deteriorated base flexes under traffic, causing splits and potholes.
Pothole is filled but underlying base issue continues.
Cracks still surface due to tension of heavy lots on compromised base.
Potholes reappear and frequently widen. Pulverize pothole and surrounding location and mix with a pre- determined part of the beds base.*
Grade, reshape and lightweight.†
Chip seal or pave.
Brand new, stabilized base keeps dilemmas from reappearing.

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