Milling concrete

May 10, 2017
Micro fine milling of concrete

The Lucien Yeomans “secret” that has been virtually lost.

Your developing globe school requires almost-free device tools?

Your developing globe factory requirements unavailable spare components?

You may need a complex component that is very costly to have made?

Need certainly to bootstrap a factory but only have some bucks?

Not a problem!

You simply need a metal lathe. Metalworking lathes are necessary into creation of almost anything but they are very costly. In 1915, special lathes made from cement were created to quickly and cheaply produce scores of cannon shells necessary for World War I. Lucien Yeomans, the creator, won the nation’s highest manufacturing honor because of it but sadly the strategy was practically forgotten following the war. We re-discovered it in order to quickly make affordable but accurate machine resources for usage in developing nations as well as in trade schools and shops every-where. We made modern-day construction practical by changing the original poured, non shrinking material with cement grout.


Drawings by Tyler Disney,

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