Excavation tools and Equipment

September 26, 2022
Herrenknecht world wide

Many resources are utilized at an archaeological site, several of which can be extremely familiar and others that are more specific. Listed here are images and information of just some of the kinds of gear you will see in the event that you see brand new Philadelphia during the area season!

The images below tv show our Team Y excavating a house site at brand new Philadelphia, Illinois, in 2006, employing the selection of tools explained in greater detail below (pictures by Gary Andrashko, Joe Conover, Pat Likes, and Christopher Valvano). Staff excavators include Emily Helton, Adeola Adegbola, Hillary Livingston, and Jason Jacoby.


For archaeology, the trowel is probably the many iconic and most-often used tool. It's the same device that masons use to use mortar to brick wall space, though in archaeology it's regularly excavate in a unit when the space no further permits making use of a shovel. There clearly was a long-standing (but generally good-natured) discussion into the archaeology community about whether a pointed or square-ended trowel is much better. Viewpoints differ among the archaeologists at New Philadelphia also, but it really is perhaps all to the private choice of the individual!


Shovels, either rounded or squared, are employed as major excavating tool, more than anything else in products where not many or no functions or items tend to be discovered. They have been made use of because they provide for even more soil becoming relocated in a shorter time, unlike only ever before excavating with trowels. Earth is shoveled often into buckets (usually 5-gallon dimensions) then carried toward display, or is shoveled directly into the display screen itself.


Screens are acclimatized to sift the earth which comes from each product being search for and much better spot artifacts. The most frequent screen varieties would be the tripod and box (or personal) screen, each of that are made use of at New Philadelphia. Soil is poured in to the display from either a bucket or a shovel, then shaken forward and backward to allow the less heavy earth to fall through display mesh, while heavier items will always be inside the display package.

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Source: www.histarch.illinois.edu
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