Astec Asphalt

January 11, 2021
Transportation Astec asphalt

Astec fixed plants are ideal for permanent installments, specially when the best production amounts are needed. They allow freedom for future accessories while the requirements regarding the contractor change. Stationary plants can accommodate unconventional plant designs.

Components are given metal legs to level. Concrete fundamentals contain the legs and offer the components.

Fixed flowers tend to be equipped with dual BarrelĀ® drum mixers and storage space silos are used to contain the combine. Like Astec portable and relocatable flowers, Astec stationary plants include numerous, revolutionary features not available somewhere else. Astec pollution and sound control gear consist of load aside tunnels, systems that capture hydrocarbon vapors, stack silencers, and burner blower silencers. This technology tends to make these permanent services good next-door neighbors within their communities.

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