Fine milling

December 15, 2017
The texture produced by fine

Cover imageModeling of grinding of good powders in ball milling devices is dealt with. The design quantitatively defines damage and agglomeration phenomena by considering two populations, i.e. main particles and porous aggregates. The people stability approach takes into account breakage and aggregation kernels which are considered features regarding the measurements of both populations. The suggested model can precisely simulate the inversion from damage towards agglomerative regime typical of a fragile material powder system undergoing ball milling. An appropriate fitted treatment is performed for individually deciding the adjustable variables associated with model. Model reliability is tested against experimental information, as the suggested breakage/agglomeration kernels tend to be about the quantitative information of basketball milling device dynamics.

Graphical abstract

A Population Balance strategy is used to model breakage and agglomeration phenomena during grinding of good powders in baseball milling products. The right fitted process is completed for separately determining the flexible parameters. Model dependability is tested against experimental data, while the suggested breakage/agglomeration kernels tend to be regarding the quantitative description of ball milling apparatus characteristics.


  • Damage;
  • Agglomeration;
  • Modelling;
  • Kernel effectiveness;
  • Ball milling
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