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November 22, 2020
A Cat APE asphalt paver and

Roadtec is a part of Astec Industries, a corporation known as some sort of leader in asphalt paving gear. Started in 1981, Roadtec started as a manufacturer of asphalt pavers. The 455 and 465 pavers were the first models built in Dalton, Georgia.

In 1986, the Barber-Greene business ended up being acquired to enhance this product range. During those times, Barber-Greene ended up being a significant producer of pavers, milling devices, trenchers, crushers and asphalt plants. Because of the mixed technology of Roadtec therefore the Barber-Greene Company, the paver line continued, together with the milling devices, in addition to idea of the materials transfer automobile was created. The very first material transfer car was the MTD 3500.

The Barber-Greene paver range ended up being offered to Caterpillar in 1991 and Roadtec reorganized in Chattanooga, Tennessee to make and promote the whole line of roadway building gear for Astec Industries. This included asphalt pavers and milling devices. It was for this time the smaller, present day Shuttle Buggy® product transfer car developed from the bigger MTD 3500, rounding out this product range.

Cutting-edge Asphalt Paving Gear

Today, Roadtec offers a comprehensive line of pavers being the essential trustworthy and maintenance-free pavers in the market. They've been simply created and sensible for optimum tractive energy and can be loaded with a number of screeds, all with electric heat as standard gear. Accessibility major elements in Roadtec’s pavers is unmatched by competitive brand name devices. Roadtec was 1st maker in the industry to set up an FXS™ fume removal system as standard equipment on all of Roadtec’s pavers and Shuttle Buggy® content transfer automobiles. Roadtec’s new Comfort Drive™ operator system embodies the latest in ergonomic design, provides higher exposure, fingertip settings and it is standard gear. Pavers are available in rubber-tired, track or rubber-track designs and can be bought in either 8- or 10-foot paving widths. We in addition manufacture the complex Stealth™ gravity-fed paver, which eliminates the necessity for hopper wings, conveyors and tandem front bogies.

Roadtec creates a complete type of cold planers in sizes from utility to full-lane. These cold planers give you the optimum stability between horse power, manufacturing and maneuverability. The RX-600, RX-700 and RX-900 all come standard with bi-directional abilities that allow all of them to accomplish down cutting with rear release of product without any modification or additional choices. Hydraulically-raisable motor hoods allow quick access to the motor compartment which can be greatly insulated for exceptional sound reduction. Variable width blades and accessories for part cutting, on some designs, make Roadtec cool planers probably the most functional milling devices readily available.

Roadtec provides the latest in pavement positioning technology available around the globe featuring its Shuttle Buggy® material transfer vehicles. These machines tend to be self-propelled transfer products with exclusive anti-segregation systems that remix asphalt material to produce a consistent size and temperature. The industry-wide dilemma of asphalt segregation is eliminated. Constant, nonstop paving is allowed by splitting truck unloading through the paving process. Utilizing the brand new harder-to-lay superpave mixes and overall tougher specs for roadways, the characteristics of Roadtec’s material transfer vehicles make them a required product inside brand new fleets nowadays's technicians.

A consignment to High Quality

Roadtec is a highly effective business when you are dedicated to the to produce revolutionary, top-quality road building gear and offer unequaled components and solution assistance.

A lot of companies these days make statements about becoming best operating and item assistance. At Roadtec our company is passionate about it. The fact that engineering, production and solution divisions come in the same building provides the initial ability to get information quickly from each other and pass it immediately to your consumers. Mobile service support is present round the clock, 7 days a week.

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