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May 25, 2020
Cold Asphalt Premix 25Kg

We a huge client base that asks the question…

"What’s the essential difference between recycling and reclaiming?"

Asphalt recycling and reclaiming are a couple of different processes. Asphalt recycling is taking broken chunks of asphalt millings from an older road surface and reheating and mixing the materials to a hot, functional state. With recycling you need to add a little bit (usually 1-2%) of new binder (asphalt) to help make the product practical and also to replace oils having dissipated or oxidized from the initial product. Without this secret ingredient you will be with a dry plot material that just won’t bond. The reason why the pavement should be changed is really because it had oxidized and become brittle which then cracks and potholes formed. By using this pavement for recycling is a good choice because most regarding the binder (about 5-7per cent) is still when you look at the products.

Reclaiming is a much various procedures which can be a good option if done properly. Reclaiming is actually reheating products in a hot box. Using equipment which is used for reclaiming there is absolutely no mixing or including a binder (asphalt). Whenever reclaiming, you should be cautious on the product selection which you want to make use of. If you start with bad material, you will be with bad product that is only hot. One of the better techniques to reclaim asphalt will be focus on top-notch mix. One way to quality mix is to purchase hot mix from your own regional hot-mix plant and set down stone or cubes. Once the product has cooled you can easily stack and store them for long amounts of time and use them as the patching demands it. This gives you a high quality of combine, together with the capability to patch potholes as soon as your hot mix flowers are closed-in the winter.

"what's the difference between gear?"

Recycling equipment features a lot different demands than a reclaimer. Recyclers need the ability to heat and blend with a drum or a pugmil (arms that mix like a mortar mixer). Thus giving the capacity to make mix in extremely short period of time frame. With respect to the size of batch becoming mixed, it is possible to create recycled materials from as fast as 8 minutes on a ½ ton group to 30 minutes on a 4 great deal group. Another very necessary secret could be the capacity to include brand-new binder (asphalt) to your machine. Without having the power to include brand-new oil towards the area product you simply will not create a quality combine. You could add brand new binder to your product by exposing fluid asphalt or palletized asphalt toward product when it's mixing and home heating.

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