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June 19, 2020
Synthetic aggregates are

Asphalt, or bituminous concrete, is employed predominantly for surface pavements. The combination is comprised of aggregate, liquid asphalt concrete, and in some cases, recycled products. It makes durable streets, parking lots, driveways, and cycle routes.

Aggregate Industries serves the complete nevada marketplace running a situated near commercial establishments system of plants through the area. Whether assembling your project demands roadway/highway building, parking lots or high requirements working paths, Aggregate Industries has the experience and expertise to make and install the greatest quality bituminous concrete.

Aggregate Industries’ Southwest Region runs three asphalt plants, situated near commercial establishments across the vegas location. These manufacturing flowers are advanced facilities effective at creating an array of asphalt services and products. Manufacturing plants, in conjunction with our experienced and knowledgeable quality-control staff, make sure the best quality items available.


Asphalt or “bituminous concrete” is produced principally for use in surface pavements. This combination of aggregate, liquid asphalt concrete and in some cases recycled products are set up by both Aggregate Industries and our customers’ construction teams. Our manufacturing services feature huge drum combine plants effective at the high production essential to satisfy increasing demands of highway paving also group flowers to provide all of the items required by our commercial customers.

Very Long Hours

Our standard Asphalt plant hours of procedure are 6:00AM to 3:00PM. Please contact the Asphalt flowers straight for Las vegas, nevada location long hours of operation.

The West Region Asphalt Division Stores:

Gowan - (N. fifth Ave) - 413 E. Gowan, North vegas, NV 89030 - Tel: 702-642-8029 or 702-642-8032

Sloan - 5300 Sloan Path, Nevada, NV 89124 - Tel: 702-407-8640

Summerlin - West end of Summerlin Pkwy, Las vegas, nevada, NV 89030 - Tel: 702-355-0605

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