Tandem Roller Specifications

November 5, 2021
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Caterpillar's brand-new CB44B and CD44B (4-ft. 9-in drums and 7.7- to 11-ton size course), CB54B and CD54B (5-ft. 5-in. drums and 8.8 to 12.5 tons) offer a range of solid- or split-drum designs. Separate drums preserve mat high quality in restricted working areas where regular, tight turning is necessary by allowing the outside drum one half to turn faster compared to the interior 1 / 2, eliminating "pushing" of fresh asphalt.

The CB44B is run on the 100-hp Cat C3.4B diesel motor; the CB54B (video walkaround) features the 131-hp C4.4. a recently designed center-articulating hitch allows 6 quantities of oscillation for solid pad contact and a smoother trip over uneven surfaces. An offset alternative all the way to 6 ins. runs protection and simplifies control alongside hurdles. The CD44B and CD54B rollers feature pivoting drums and four steering settings: front side drum only, back drum only, coordinated and crab steer. Completely offset, the CD44B's total compaction width is 9 ft. 3 ins. and CD54B covers 9 ft. 10 ins.

Versa Vibe produces a 2-in-1 machine with four amplitudes and two frequencies. The system provides two configurations for less heavy effects and greater working speeds on thin lifts; as well as 2 options for weightier hitting at slower speeds on dense lifts or challenging mixes. Five amplitude choices offer the widest range with one regularity.

New hand wheel steering technology removed the leading steering system, allowing the operator to quickly monitor liquid squirt performance.

Optional Cat Compaction Control provides much of the B Series' technical enhancement. The system integrates infrared heat sensors with electronic mapping and automobile place maintain the operator informed of current mat conditions, device place and protection conclusion. The intuitive system is believed to improve nighttime performance, and it records density information for future procedure evaluation and quality-control documents.

Standard Eco mode and automated speed control conserve fuel and lower sound amounts. Cat intends for trustworthy liquid methods with double pumps, triple purification, adjustable intermittent procedure, and an optional frost security kit.

Source: www.forconstructionpros.com
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