Caterpillar rollers

October 18, 2021
Caterpillar CS 74

The B-Series Tandem Vibratory Rollers offer unobstructed sight outlines with standard 180° chair placement for excellent overall presence. Additionally, drum side and drum surface illumination provide better lighting for nighttime procedure. The revolutionary handwheel steering technology gets rid of leading console which generally available on other machines for precise machine control.

Comfortable Running Environment

The equipment controls and Liquid Crystal Display display are incorporated using pivoting adjustable seat, and move utilizing the operator. Seating choices include plastic for open-platform designs and cloth for cab, both can be loaded with a heated alternative. An optional luxurious highback air-ride chair can be available. Various other convenience features feature a vibration-absorbing flooring pad, 12-volt energy receptacle that supports interaction products, wide-width seat belt, glass holders and a lockable storage storage space.

Fingertip Control

The multi-function propel lever with integrated controls for water squirt on/off, drum offset, vibratory control, and recommended edge cutter height adjustment allows the operator to work alongside confidence.

Liquid Crystal Display Show

The back-lit LCD display includes device information and diagnostics. It really is incorporated utilizing the chair, so that it remains in exact same place whilst the chair pivots. An integral lockable anti-vandalism cover offers protection. The show provides multiple language choices, split-screen ability, and indicators for floor speed, vibrations each and every minute, and gas level.

Convenient Console

The console is integrated with all the seat, offering fingertip accessibility. Smooth tips with tactile feel supply instant feedback toward operator for intuitive procedure. The armrests are flexible and may be tailored into the operator for additional convenience.

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