Pneumatic rollers

March 26, 2020
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Versatile Compaction Efficiency due to the versatile ballast system, oscillating front wheels, and optional air-on-the-run. Flexible ballast options feature standard and non-modular metallic, sand, and liquid. The modular metal ballast system can be easily added or eliminated, rendering it easy to adjust running loads and match work website requirements.

Compaction Width

Eight 13/80 R20 rubber tires provide general compaction width of 2090 mm (82") with 25 mm (1") overlap.

Flexible Ballast

Ballast choices feature standard and non-modular metallic, sand, and liquid. The 6.5 metric ton (7.1 U.S. great deal) standard steel can be simply added or removed through bolt-on part panels. The inner, non-modular metal includes 6.1 metric tons (6.7 U.S. ton). Additionally, a 3 cubic meter (793 girl) water-tight chamber with baffled compartments prevent rise, and balance weight.

Oscillating Tires

Oscillating front side and rear tires deliver straight and horizontal causes that minimize air voids, offering surface uniformity. Temperature retention addresses pitfall temperature to keep the tires warm and avoid pick-up. They could be easily kept you should definitely being used.


The 13/80 R20 rubberized tires may be equipped with the recommended air-on-the-run system that enables the operator to quickly adjust tire pressures to boost or reduce fixed loads for optimal area quality.

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