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March 22, 2021

High efficiency and many application options are two regarding the Wirtgen W100CFi milling machine’s crucial qualities, nevertheless compact front side loader, which sits within the 1.0m milling circumference class, is said to provide far more, including numerous brand new automatic functions to simply help increase work processes making the operator’s work considerably much easier.

Equipped with eco-friendly motor technology in conformity with EU Stage IV/US Tier 4 Final, the W100CFi features many innovations alongside founded Wirtgen functions, all designed to enhance the milling process, determine freedom used and considerably simplify operation of this machine.

Wirtgen say the chassis of brand-new W100CFi is distinctly narrower and affords the operator a better view to the front. Also, the operator’s platform may be hydraulically displaced 200mm beyond the advantage, thus providing a definite view ahead toward milling drum assembly and forward right-hand crawler track. And, thanks to the machine’s digital camera system, the left-hand milled edge or product release is always plainly visible to the operator also, via a high-resolution display.

Accurate milled answers are guaranteed by Level Pro Plus, a brand-new class and pitch control system produced by Wirtgen and integrated into the device control system. The preset target milling depth is precisely controlled via powerful displacement detectors located in the hydraulic cylinders, that are attached to along side it dishes, which is indicated from the high-resolution Level Pro Plus colour screen.

All crucial data are indicated in color regarding operator show into the independently adjustable, multi-use armrest. The very first time, four ‘favourite’ buttons, and this can be set with 15 different recommended functions, have-been incorporated in the armrest.

Greater performance equals greater result equals quicker development, say Wirtgen – and all that is feasible as a result of innovations that allow the consumer to respond optimally to various needs on site. On top of other things, the W100CFi features a 350PS motor which needs less gasoline inspite of the high motor score. In addition, thanks to the brand new driving characteristics bundle, the 1.0m milling machine can travel at speeds of up to 7.5km/h, whilst three optionally selectable milling drum speeds guarantee maximum milling output prior to requirements. Compared to the prior design, the W100CFi is believed to attain a 15per cent greater milling production.

Moreover, driving and steering innovations in addition assist boost performance on the job web site. A time-saving swivel device allows the rear right-hand crawler track is swivelled inwards quickly and immediately without reducing the milling drum. The 3rd position the back right-hand crawler track normally brand new. Wirtgen say outstanding manoeuvrability is further guaranteed because of the automated monitoring function of the rear right-hand crawler track when swivelled inwards and also the increased steering position of the forward axle. Because of this, the milling machine can explain tiny turning groups.

The flexibleness and performance associated with W100CFi are ensured by a number of other revolutionary solutions for milling and running. Even on tough job sites, including roundabouts or junctions, material are packed successfully due to the exceedingly huge conveyor slewing perspective of 60° left or correct, whilst for more exact running, the device operator can slew the conveyor at two various speeds.

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