Ammann rollers

November 20, 2018
Ammann rollers

LANGENTHAL, Switzerland – the brand new ARX 90 T4f/T3 and ARX 110 T4f/T3 Tandem Rollers combine oscillation because of the high compaction output seen on earlier Ammann tandem rollers.

The ARX devices are the first Ammann vibratory rollers to feature oscillation, a process that helps rollers achieve desired outcomes quicker along with less vibration. Oscillation removes about 90 per cent of this tension to surroundings and materials caused by a conventional vibratory system.

Oscillation is important whenever compacting in delicate areas, particularly bridges and almost structures, where a conventional vibratory method could cause harm. It is an excellent fit when focusing on cool bones as soon as worried about over-compaction and prospective injury to aggregates and asphalt mixes. Asphalt could be safely compacted at reduced temperatures when working with oscillation, growing the compaction screen. Oscillation also eliminates vibration marks and reduces device wear.

The ARX 90 T4f/T3 and ARX 110 T4f/T3 combine the oscillating, back-and-forth-movement for the drum with a continuing static drum load to reach compaction goals quicker. For increased compaction result, the ARX makes use of a mixture of drum oscillation plus the Ammann heavy-duty, 2-stage vibratory drum with effortless modification of amplitude and regularity.

The recommended ACEforce system provides a host of benefits including dimension in absolute values, assessment of product tightness, an operator guidance purpose and documents for the entire compaction process.

The ARX 90 T4f and ARX 110 T4f also function an updated engine that meets the strictest emissions standards in European countries and the U.S. models with T3 engines can be purchased in areas with reduced emission limitations.

The combination rollers are easy to control, with articulated steering and an articulating oscillation joint enabling work in crab mode. The cab is enormously large, comfortable and peaceful. Operator-friendly functions include an original multifunctional screen inside tyre, a tiltable and flexible steering line and control switches regarding the armrest.

A rotating and sliding chair makes it possible for visibility with exemplary picture lines to drum areas, edges and spraying bars. The operator can slip the taxi beyond the equipment contour for even better exposure.

On-board diagnostics rapidly alert providers to issues. Service things are easy to access, as well as the roller’s single-drum pump requires less maintenance.

TANDEM ROLLERARX 90 ACEforce oscillation Metric United States Drum Width 1680 mm 66.2 in Drum Shell Thickness 22 mm 0, 8 in Running weight (CECE) 9560 kg 21080 lb Operating weight max. 11 000 kg 24250 lb Regularity We 42 Hz 2520 VPM Frequency II 52 Hz 3120 VPM Oscillation frequency 40Hz 40Hz Oscilation amplitude 1, 3mm 1, 3mm Maker Deutz Deutz Engine complies with emission laws EU Stage IV, U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final EU Stage IV, U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final


Ammann is a 6th-generation, family-owned company that creates asphalt- and concrete-mixing flowers, compactors and asphalt pavers at 9 production sites in Europe, Asia, Asia and Brazil. Visit https:// for more information.

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