Earth Moving equipment list

May 8, 2017
Hitachi EX1200D-5

With over 74 several years of combined experience in manufacturing, production, and product sales of elevating and pull scrapers, Humdinger Equipment, LTD, is pleased to introduce the H620 high quality construction class pull scraper. Our tractor towed pull scrapers happen shown to reduce costs while increasing performance over conventional self-propelled scraper or truck and excavator earth-moving equipment systems; proving by themselves in many different building, mining and agricultural programs. At Humdinger, our construction class pull scraper originated using state-of-the-art manufacturing and production – we ensure that high quality, worth and gratification are made into every machine.


The engineers that very first introduced that construction grade pull scrapers formed their company and are also dedicated to providing the most useful earth-moving items available in the market. Our designers created and made the 613, 615, and 623 elevating scrapers for Caterpillar and the 417 pull scraper for Noble. Its our manufacturing experience, pride in ownership and dedication to quality that allows Humdinger to produce and create the best quality pull scraper currently available.

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