Asphalt Mix plant

February 13, 2018
Asphalt Mixing Plant

In asphalt production, process heat is an essential element in plant performance additionally the properties of hot mix. To ensure long-term quality of the trail area, conditions needs to be correctly supervised during the manufacturing procedure so when the hot-mix is filled onto trucks.

To ensure temperatures remain within certain limits as product is given towards the mixer, temperatures tend to be checked during the point in which the material exits the drum. Burners are managed according to this information.

This is the reason bituminous mixing flowers are now being implemented with pyrometer-based non-contact dimension equipment and temperature control methods.

Non-contact heat dimension by pyrometers is an important factor to maximum process-control. Initially, pyrometers are suited to assess the temperature regarding the combination going inside drum dryer to help preserve a uniform heat associated with asphalt mixture.

A second pyrometer is introduced during the discharge chute to measure the heat for the finished item because it's communicated into storage silos.

Our Solution

LumaSense provides two specific methods to address these issues and to offer a powerful temperature measurement system.

For calculating the uniformity associated with the asphalt mixing process, LumaSense Technologies has developed the IMPAC Pyrometers IN 5 as well as in 300 along with a separate installation pipe system and screen DA 6000 for heat measurement indicator.

  • Non-contact heat measurement between -32 and 900 °C (IN 5) or -20 and 600 °C (IN 300)
  • Pyrometer is especially adjusted to this application, including optimum storage space price
  • Lightweight product dimensions
  • Durable mounting pipe with atmosphere purge choice for harsh surroundings
  • DA 6000 is a high-precision Light-emitting Diode signal for non-contact temperature measuring products with exemplary additional properties. Beyond pure sign of calculated temperature a connected IMPAC electronic pyrometer is parametrized through the DA 6000 completely, without having any Computer.
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