Hot Mix plant Manufacturer

March 5, 2018
Mini Mobile Hot Mix Plant

Hot Mix Plant are incredibly compact and entirely self-contained bitumen and aggregate blending plants. Easy option of all components and lubricating things for regular and fast maintenance is offered maximum relevance in design. All materials used in making of hot-mix plant tend to be of proper and specified grades and precisely tested. You can expect all sorts of blending plant, hot-mix plants, asphalt hot-mix plant.
Electric control interface constructed with custom-built PLC model Genius of Sprint make having following functions :

  1. Panel with security interlocks, overload relays for engine protection, single-phase preventer, Isolation transformer to guard PLC and MIMIC for simple operation and monitor.
  2. On-line pattern information printing center.
  3. Body weight signal per aggregate, Cement, liquid and Admix
  4. Interactive MMI for procedure execution and information entry
  5. Optional automobile material and cycle correction, aggregate inching center for better accuracy
  6. Optional Data logging facility
  7. Optional PC software for period execution and data storage
  8. SCADA Based system. a€" Optional
  9. Intuitive computer programs. - Recommended
  10. MIMIC design for easy panel operation
  11. Management of use report printing
  12. Online base reporting system. a€" Optional
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