Pavement machine

November 30, 2017

Cover imageCrack sealing is a maintenance technique widely used to prevent water and dirt penetration and lower future degradation in pavement. The standard break sealing operations are, however, dangerous, pricey, and labor-intensive. Work return and instruction may also be increasing problems about split sealing crews. Automating break sealing will enhance efficiency and quality, and supply security benefits by getting employees off the road. The decrease in staff size together with rise in efficiency associated with the automated sealing process should be translated into considerable potential financial savings. The key goal of the study would be to develop an automated system for closing cracks in pavement, and to validate the evolved system through industry studies. A machine sight algorithm, that will be made up of noise reduction, break network mapping and modeling, and course planning, originated to work the recommended automatic system effortlessly. Expansion of algorithms and tools presented when you look at the study with other applications is also suitable for future studies.


  • Break sealing;
  • Pavement;
  • Automation;
  • Machine eyesight;
  • Course planning

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Jeong-Ho Lee, son of Yong-Seung Lee and Young-Rye Lee, was created in Buyeo, Korea, on March 24, 1972. He earned the degree of Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering in February 1998. In March 1999, he entered The scholar School of Inha University with a specialty in Construction Engineering and Project control. In February 2002, he completed the desired work for a Master of Science degree; he could be after that continuing their doctoral research at Inha University.

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