Cold milling

June 1, 2017
Cold Milling Services
Cold Milling

Pull tenths of an inch, or 12 ins in one single pass. PRS gets the most diverse fleet of pavement planers in the united states.

Whether you are performing complete roadway reconstruction or surface planing for application of an overlay, PRS has got the correct equipment and specialist providers to do the job. Reuse materials your self or, we are going to carry all of them to our own Recycled Aggregates facility.

Cool Planing typically removes 1" – 4" of surface asphalt or 1" – 2" of tangible permitting the application of a thin overlay or putting on surface, It preserves supplementary structures (example. curb and gutter) but enables improvements to the grade and area associated with the pavement area.

When employed for full roadway reconstruction, cold milling normally with the capacity of removing to 12 inches of paving material and base in one single pass. Another application is for slot cutting of only defectively deteriorated sections of roadway - then full-depth paving to displace an otherwise good road.

A significant advantage of cool milling is the fact that milled product can usually be recycled and utilized on other projects as compactable base or recycled asphalt pavement. Pavement Recycling Systems' sales and estimating department is going to work to you to price your project competitively, and advise methods and processes that will add worth to your businesses.

With the biggest and a lot of diverse fleet of pavement planers in the united kingdom, Pavement Recycling Systems provides methods to all cold milling and cool planing demands. Available on a contract foundation, or local rental (totally run and maintained) PRS planers give consumers the widest option and best gear for each style of work.

Our Cold Planer Line-Up

  • Full Lane Planers to at least one, 200 HP
  • 1 / 2 Lane Planers to 800 HP
  • One-fourth Lane Planers to 330 HP
  • Taper-Cut Machines
  • Mini-Planers
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