Asphalt screed

March 21, 2020
A higher-density screed

ScreedsCat® Screeds is configured to complement any paving application - from highways to city streets to parking lots. Even if establish for maximum paving width, Cat Screeds resist flexing as a result of unique, robust guide pipe design. Select front-mount or rear-mount hydraulic screed extensions, both with recommended power-extending main frames.Caterpillar features a complete type of vibratory and tamper bar screeds to pay for all paving widths while making high-density layers on asphalt and also other granular products. User-friendly controls simplify tamper setup and vibrating frequencies to match manufacturing price, paving level and paving rate. Operators can very quickly adjust the ramp time for tamping speed.Cat Screeds are really simple to create for regularly smooth transverse joints and minimal screed plate wear. Heavy-duty structures on both 2.5 m (8.0') and 3.0 m (10') screeds enable installing of bolt-on screed extensions for extra-wide paving.

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