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May 31, 2022
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Equipment to record a dental record meeting ranges from a simple tape recorder and microphone to sophisticated electronic gear. Below is a summary of different types and labels of equipment and feasible locations to get or hire gear.

Tape Recorders

Vermont Folklife Center Digital Audio Field Tracking Gear Guide
Archivist Andy Kolovos associated with Vermont Folklife center keeps a great resource page that lists in great information the formats and types of top-notch professional sound gear favored by professional folklorists and oral historians.

In case your budget doesn't permit the purchase of pricey gear along with your school does not have audio visual equipment available for use, consumer level electronic devices (companies such Panasonic and Sony) could be an option, though keep in mind that you will get everything purchase so far as the standard of the recording is concerned. Minimally, a tool including an analog sound cassette recorder loaded with earphones and an external microphone will likely be sufficient for some class jobs.

If you would like to lease expert high quality equipment, the next organizations (positioned in Seattle) have equipment offered:

Sound Tapes

Sound cassettes are available in the electronics division at merchants including Fred Meyer and Target. Gadgets stores like broadcast Shack, Fry's Electronics, and greatest purchase carry a number of media (recordable CDs, mini-discs, flash cards, DAT tapes).


We recommend that you use an external microphone, instead of just the microphone that may be integrated on recording device (this will guarantee any sound produced by the recording product will not be acquired on recording). Make sure the contacts regarding the microphone will be able to work with all the in-puts for your recording device—i.e. many expert equipment calls for an XLR feedback whereas customer sound connectors are often 1/8" mini plugs or 1/4" plugs.

We recommend using a Lavalier (clip-on) microphone or handheld microphone (which can be used in combination with a work desk stand microphone owner for long interviews). High quality producers feature Bescor, Shure, and Sony.


Headphones is always monitor the audio recording associated with oral record interviews. DJ style or around the ear models (circumaural) are better in-the-ear or earbud types.

Among the manufacturers of high quality headphones are Bose, Fostex, JBL, Philips, Sony, and Yamaha; these and other brands are available from most electronics stores.

Digital Audio Recording Software

To record straight to the hard drive of a mobile computer or PC you'll need a soundcard, computer software and a microphone.

There are a selection of software programs readily available for tracking sound available at computer and electronic devices shops.

Digital Movie Recording

Most readily useful results can come from a camcorder design camcorder, instead of an internet cam. Along with a digital camera, your college may have equipment such as a tripod, microphones, and lights which will improve the quality of the recording.

a customer amount electronic video clip camcorder (Canon, JVC, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, etc.) will be able to work really for recording a class task. Tape stock (Canon, Fujifilm, Maxell, Sony, TDK, etc.) can be purchased from many electronic devices or retail digital camera stores.

Sound and Video Recording Services

  • Jack Straw Productions, Class Programs
    Seattle location instructors can get in touch with jack-straw Productions to arrange for a team of teachers, dental historians, noise musicians and artists and designers to utilize students on many different tasks including broadcast Theater centered on oral record interviews.

Oral History Gear Leasing

  • StoryCorps
    a task produced by Sound Portraits Productions in collaboration using the Library of Congress and public r / c across the country to record individual records nationwide, rents interviewing kits that include gear and instructions. A seven-day rental costs $150.

Transcribing Software

Among various digital transcription programs readily available, two no-cost people tend to be:

Note: Most programs work via keyboard settings, nevertheless it could be simpler to make use of with a USB transcription base pedal, and that can be purchased individually (for approximately $50-$75).

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Source: www.empmuseum.org
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