What are the advantages of the aluminum spare parts

June 8, 2022
There are many different kinds

Aluminum is a soft and lightweight material with a low melting point. The technical properties of aluminum make it possible to produce aluminum casting for auto parts even in home-made conditions and small workshops.

It is used in almost all industries, due to its low cost and excellent performance characteristics:

  • low melting point and good fluidity, which makes it possible to manufacture products of complex configurations;
  • low density and light weight;
  • high corrosion resistance;
  • slight shrinkage of castings;
  • homogeneous structure of aluminum eliminates the possibility of pores, voids, cracks and other defects during casting.

By adding various modifiers and additives, it is possible to achieve an increase in mechanical strength, resistance to salts and chemicals, and heat resistance.

Photo by Hebert Santo from Pexels

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