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February 25, 2020
3 tonne dumper at Fenton Plant
photo: warming furnace installation

Delivery record in metallic plant construction projects

  • Hot rolling mills
  • Cold rolling mills
  • Continuous Galvanizing range plants (CGL)
  • Constant pickling range plants (PL)
  • Continuous annealing range flowers (CAL), etc.
  • Direct reduction plants (DR)

photo: shaped metal mill set upProject scope

The range of our work includes building (design, production, and set up) and preventive upkeep (adjustment building boost building).

Full construction of steel mills

In addition to rolling mills, metallic mills have actually transformers, water treatment flowers, and cranes which can be utilized for transporting recycleables and products, therefore we additionally install and build these plants.

Heating furnace installation

Home heating furnaces are supplied to boost the heat of materials ahead of the rolling process, and these have dirt collection equipment as supplementary gear.

Installing of formed metallic mill

This plant is for developing metal parts, and employs the rolling and completing mill.

Installing of tandem cold mills

That is for metal moving plate steel this is certainly mainly used for vehicles, and is made of 5-6 rolling mills constantly roll in parallel.

We delivered and installed different methods to improve the encompassing environment.

We enclosed the mill with an air curtain being improve high quality and work efficiency, according to our rich experience.

We do update engines with the aim of improving the running effectiveness and energy savings of rolling mills.

photo: Tandem cold mill set up Photograph: distribution and installation of work environment enhancement systems around mills to improve quality and work effectiveness considering our rich construction experience Photograph: metal mill building Photograph: Cement plant set up
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