Heavy Plant Equipment

April 21, 2021
Heavy Duty Plant & Equipment

benOften times Lean Manufacture Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Quality Assurance Managers ask on their own heavy equipment or machinery while keeping the risk of problems or injuries to a minimum?”, “Can we avoid employing an outside specialist or rigging organization without the need to pay $25, 000 each week?”, “Can we perform some heavy lifting and going work ourselves?”.


  • By just utilizing high quality products with our unique technology, we are able to design and make a customized system specifically for the application. You can easily go complex and difficult lots without spending a fortune. Airsled® methods floats hefty equipment on a cushion of air.
  • Old-fashioned product dealing with equipment such as for example forklifts, hoists or cranes, trigger serious harm to force, to your team plus worst instances even demise. Forklifts tend to be unwieldy and require maneuvering room. They might need a tuned operator plus flowers in which you only have combustion operated forklifts it restricts you in places where fumes are not allowed. Forklifts often present in production or production areas can carry lots around 5, 000 weight this restriction becomes a nightmare for plant engineers if they must go much heavier equipment. You should use our methods in tight rooms in which there is absolutely no accessibility forklifts or walkie-stackers. assist you to move your hefty loads in a much safer and efficient means.
  • Our advance technology lets you slip the “airbeams” under a clearance as low as 0.50 inches, 1.27 centimeters, 12.70 millimeters but still lift loads around 20, 000 weight and even more This would nearly be IMPOSSIBLE along with other lifting components. The possibilities are certainly remarkable.
  • Airsled’s® unique methods use low-air-pressure. This permits united states to utilize a low-pressure blower which is the reason why we have been truly the only people on the market have real profit develop lightweight methods without increasing your spending plan. Unlike the high priced large air stress lifting methods, Airsled’s® custom styles don't require an air offer range from a compressed vessel (air compressor) to lift and move your load. Some flowers cannot manage to drop vital air force from their air supply lines, and in some cases they don’t have a compressed air line obligating one to hire some other specialist.
  • Unlike wheel castors tend to be friction-less. This means it is possible to move your heavy loads inside and out of tight areas with simple maneuverability. Our “airbeams” can float over bolts, peanuts, screws, washers, or any other kind fasteners and small tools typically found on production and production flooring. It can also look at splits and cracks since large as 1.00 inch (when you yourself have concrete pieces split).
  • Imagine going the total fat of lots using 1 percent of force, for instance, to maneuver a 5, 000 lb equipment you simply require 50 pounds of power
    (5000lbs/100= 50lbs of force). Airsled® offers you the alternative of moving a load this hefty with only 1 individual!!! You do not have to lose your productivity anymore.
  • Some flooring surfaces have actually a limited load rating. This just leaves the option of making use of a string hoist or crane, both these options are dangerous and costly. The customized created airbeams reduces the extra weight associated with load by using a simple-in-hindsight illustration of an automobile that weighs 3, 000 pounds with a 100 sq. inches of tire area touching the road, for that reason (3, 000/100 = 30 psi).

No matter what hefty and hard your load is, give us a call to find out exactly how Airsled® can help you with a lot activity system at a realistic price.

Source: airsled.com
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