Chip Seal Equipment

April 30, 2020

Processor chip sealing is the most typical type of asphalt conservation on highways, county roadways and municipal applications.

Within the right programs and when applied correctly, a processor chip seal creates a really durable area which could endure high traffic levels and a new use area in the current asphalt.

Our Process

An average chip seal is carried out by shooting a layer of emulsified oil on the current area, addressing it with a well-graded aggregate, after which embedding the aggregate when you look at the oil by rolling it with a rubberized wheeled roller.

Usually we make use of 3/8″ potato chips. These potato chips needs to be extremely clean and preferably moist. Clean damp chips will stick safer to the root oil. Once they tend to be spread on top, a roller embeds them into the oil for ideal processor chip retention. This assures a great adhesion that'll last for years. A beneficial chip seal should continue for 8 many years or higher. Hardrives makes use of advanced chip sealing gear for spreading the chips.Chip-Seal-2 This device can distribute a mat of potato chips from 10’ to 20’ in width in accordance with great control. Quality gear is simply another way of assuring that you get an excellent processor chip seal.

Inside correct application processor chip seals are a great means of preserving asphalt.

It's utilized many extensively on town roads, county roads or highways. They are the programs for which it is best appropriate. Processor chip seals never work specially well where there is a lot of razor-sharp turning included. Sharp turns will tend to pop the chips loose resulting in patches of uncovered oil.

Through the heat of summer, these patches can become smooth and “bleed”, resulting in oil which can be tracked into stores or homes. For this reason, processor chip seals aren't applied to parking lots or driveways. A Sealcoat or Slurry Seal are much much better choices.

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